Repairing your devices

Fun Tech LTD: Terms & Conditions For Repairs

1, Customer(s) accept Fun Tech’s repairs and the ordering of spare part(s) may take time; and there are possibilities of other unforeseen circumstances delaying the repair of your item(s). When the duration taken is not acceptable to customer(s), the customer(s) can cancel the job and get the item(s) back. There will be no charge to customer(s), and Fun Tech will not compensate customer(s) in any form.

2, Customer(s) accepts that Fun Tech cannot know the true condition of the item(s) upon receipt for repair. Fun Tech will only repair/replace the specified part(s) and provide a 3 month warranty on the part(s) Fun Tech repaired /replaced but not on other part(s). Fun Tech will not be responsible for other part(s) which have already malfunctioned or may become faulty during or after repair.

3 The warranty will not cover physical or water damage to the repair or replacement parts.

4, The warranty is void if another repairer is used, other than Fun Tech.

5, The warranty is void if the internal Fun Tech seal is broken when inspected by Fun Tech staff.

6, Fun Tech will return the item(s) either with the agreed items repaired or unable to repair.

7, Fun Tech will not take responsibility for any physical damage done during the repair, howsoever caused.

8, Fun Tech will not accept any responsibility for any defect, of any kind, in the event that the item(s) are re-opened after repair.

9, Customer(s) agree when items(s) is left at Fun Tech for repair, the original warranty will be void if there is one, and Fun Tech will not be responsible for the warranty’s voidance. If Customer(s) knows the item(s) is still under warranty, please contact your seller(s) for warranty claim instead.

10, Customer(s) agree not to seek compensation from Fun Tech for the repair of other component(s) inside your repaired item(s).

Unlocking Policy

Fun Tech does not unlock barred phones.

If software is used to unlock a phone the warranty will be void and the phone may not be able to be upgraded and used.

Fun Tech will not be responsible for any phone(s) that cannot make or receive calls (no signal) after the phone have been unlocked for Sim-Free. The full amount will be charged on the service we provide if your phone is or becomes barred, blocked or blacklisted. A phone is classed as blacklisted if it has been reported stolen, reported lost or your network bars the phone if you fail to pay your bill or complete your contract.

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, please do not leave your item(s) with us, and we do hope Fun Tech can serve you on another occasion. Upon receiving our service receipt(s), you’ve agreed with the above terms and conditions.


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